Sailing and Science

This 60-hour program explores Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) as they relate to the history and art of sailing. Students apply this knowledge during their on-the-water training. Tailored to Middle School students, this program is designed to encourage students to stay in school and to consider careers in Science and Technology and Math.

Rain Rivers and the Ocean

An introduction to Environmental Stewardship for fifth and sixth grade students, this program highlights Industrial and Residential Pollutants and their impact on our communities, rivers and our coastal waters.

Our Blue Planet

An introduction to Marine Biology. This exploration of our marine environment highlights the inhabitants and the biodiversity of our oceans and explores how the health of our oceans supports life on land. Environmental Awareness begins the path to Environmental Stewardship for fourth and fifth grade students.

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WYSC Mission Statement:

Working with underserved LA area youth, our mission is to instill a sense of confidence, a desire for knowledge, and a vision for their future success through an introduction to sailing, science, and environmental awareness.