Sailing Classes

Small Boat

Classroom sessions include sailing instruction followed by on-the-water skills development supervised by an on-the-water instructor. Small Boats are fun responsive boats that place you close to the water for an active sailing experience.


Students learn to sail a basic 18-foot to 27-foot sailboat with a ballasted keel. Class sizes for these 16-hour courses is 10 students, 16 years or older. Courses include classroom, outdoor and on-the-water instruction.

Power Boat Classes

Close Quarters Boat Handling

This course provides students with the skills to maneuver a powerboat confidently, competently and safely in tight spaces. Elements include basic and advanced docking and undocking maneuvers, situational assessment and planning, crew communication and passenger safety.

Open Water Boat Handling

Students learn techniques to improve boat handling and safe operation in a variety of weather and sea conditions based on hull type, boat trim and size. In this hands-on, on-the-water course, participants practice emergency stops/turns and learn the fundamentals of boat handling in head, beam and following seas and emergency situations.

Class Room Instruction


Learn the basics of Bareboat Cruising and Coastal Navigation. This course is designed for longer coastal passage-making, night operations and navigation and periods of reduced visibility, watch rotations, radar use and more.

Aux BS&S

This comprehensive course is designed for both the experienced and the novice boater. It provides guidance on choosing, equipping, and handling a small-to-midsize sail or powerboat. Students learn basic navigation and techniques for handling boats in all weather conditions.


Basic Coastal Navigation (BCN) is a comprehensive course to introduce the advanced boater to the methods needed to safely pilot a boat. This course drills deeper into the skills needed for extensive near-shore navigation using paper and electronic charts, dead reckoning and GPS navigation.